Monday, December 15, 2014

Kiss & tell... Join our Mistletoe Movement!

So we have 6, yes 6, new shades of our luscious Nourishine Lip Gloss!  And in order to get the opinion of our customers, we are asking for 10-15 minutes of your time.  It's super easy, you get free products, AND you get to give your HONEST opinion of our newest shades of Lip Gloss!

It is SO much fun and SUPER easy.  And you get to be entered to win $100 FREE in Mary Kay!  Seriously, no purchase necessary to be entered.

Along with this, I am also looking for 10 women who want to be entered to win a model makeover contest.  This is SO easy.  Just sit down with me, we'll do a before & after makeover.  And you will be entered.  We are hosting a fashion show in February, and the boutique owner and salon owner get to pick our most dramatic makeovers to model their clothes and hair styles.  We want all shapes, colors, sizes, ages... everybody is eligible.  You will get, on the day of the fashion show, your hair done by a licensed hair dresser, to wear some FABULOUS clothing, and get your makeup picked out by us.  Email me here to set up your makeover appointment.  For this one, you must be local to me, or be willing to come here for your before & after & the fashion show.

NOW for the ABSOLUTELY fun part...  I am booking for January!  Yes, you heard me... I am booking for January.  My January hostesses will get hostess credits (Email me & ask about my hostess program - but $200 FREE to party with me!), PLUS, you will get 1 single item every month until July at 50% off!  You choose which single item you want each and every month!  WOW!  Email me to schedule your pampering, girls night in!  Dates are filling up fast!

Also, I still have some gifts in all price ranges, wrapped and ready to be delivered/mailed.  I also can do gift certificates, ask me about my specials with the gift certificates.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!  I know I will be posting more between now and then, but you can never have too much cheer at this time of year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Specials just for you

It is my favorite time of the year...  I did start these specials on my fanpage,, but wanted to share them over here with you.  I will honor my first special for today as well as today's special.

I'm trying something new for December. Every day until Dec 25 I will post a special. It will be good for 24 hours only. Adjustments to your total will be made after your order is placed.  

So, today's special is Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss - formulated with vitamin E & C. Buy one and 2nd one is 50% off. No limit to the number you can order. promo code Dec1

Daily December Deal #3 - offer good December 3rd only!

ALL foundations - medium coverage, luminious-wear, matte-wear, creme to powder, mineral powder, CC and day-radiance - buy 1 and get your choice of a FREE foundation primer OR makeup finish spray! $16 or $18 value! 

www. promo code Dec 3

Most wonderful time of the year!

The holiday season is here!  This is my favorite time of the year.  People are nicer, the world just seems so much happier... And it's also my birthday!

It all starts with Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving, because of the food, the Macy's parade, getting together with family & friends, and the fact that it starts off the holiday season!

Inbeween Thanksgiving & Christmas is my birthday!  Birthdays have always been special to me, doesn't matter if it is mine, or yours or his... It is a special day.  Sure other people share it with you, but it is a day all about you.  A time for family & friends to get together, share a good meal and some cake! Who doesn't like cake?!?

Then comes Christmas.  From the smells to the decorations to the food and giving, I love it all.  It isn't about the presents I receive any more...  But watching my children's faces as they help decorate, bake cookies, see the tree all lit up...  So many traditions.  Again, I love Christmas dinner for many of the same reasons I love Thanksgiving dinner!  

When my grandmother was alive, she would host Christmas Eve.  We always had ham with all the fixings.  We weren't allowed to go into the living room, where the Christmas tree, because we weren't allowed to see the"empty boxes".  Yes, the adults in my family convinced us that the boxes were empty until Santa came to fill them much later that night.  So we would drive home, my sister & I counting Christmas lights on houses and singing songs. We'd go to bed.

The next morning we would wake up early, of course!  And we weren't allowed to wake up our parents until 7 am.  But we would go downstairs and check out all the presents.  Santa always left us one present that wasn't wrapped, so we would often look at it, or play with it.  We were also allowed to look in our stockings.  

After opening presents and eating some breakfast at our house, we would load up our car.  We always started at my Grandmother's house.  We'd open more presents with our cousins, eat brunch, which always had ham salad.  My grandmother would make it from the left over ham from Christmas Eve.  We would then head to what felt like a million other houses, and end our day at my Grandma's house.  

It was always a long, but wonderful day, because we spent it all with our family.

Things of course have changed throughout the years, but essentially everything was the same.  Now, I get to share a lot of these traditions with my children and my mother-in-law.

What's your favorite holiday memory?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving (a day early!)

I have been MIA, I know I know... story of my blog.  But this time for good reason.  I have had some health issues lately.  Nothing serious, just having gallbladder surgery on Tuesday to get it removed.  It isn't serious, right now.  But if I do let it go, it could get worse.  And I don't want to have it rupture on me.

Anyway, this isn't a boo hoo, poor me post.  I promise!

Thanksgiving is here!  Yay!  But where did 2014 go????

This year, I am thankful for living in a warmer climate!  Yup I said it, I don't like cold.  I like warm weather, sand between my toes and wearing a light jacket once a year.  I am also thankful for my family.  My kids are awesome people, well turning into them.  Don't get me wrong, they have their moments, but it is pretty cool to watch them experience the world around them.  I am also thankful for my hubby and many others who selflessly give their lives to the armed forces.  They protect our freedoms, and fight for our country.  I hope that those that aren't able to be home for the holidays know that many of us at home at praying and thinking about them and a safe return for all of our troops.  I am also thankful to be in relative good health.

I love Thanksgiving because I love to eat.  Yup, I said it...  I love to eat!  I also love the traditions my family has.  We wake up, eat some breakfast and park our buns for a few hours in front of the tv watching the Macy's Parade!  My hubby doesn't understand our obsession with it.  But whatever... I never asked him to understand it.

Anyway, we also then ate dinner early, and enjoy time with family.  Nothing exciting.  We aren't Black Friday shoppers either... or should I say Thanksgiving evening shoppers.

It is insane to me how many stores advertise their "Black Friday" sales starting on Thanksgiving!  Seriously, I feel badly for all the retails workers that have to work on Thanksgiving.  They are being taken from their time with family to work for a sale that I'm sure if no fun.

With that... I have decided this year to turn Black Friday PINK!  Yup!  Pink!  I am holding a private sale for all my customers and their families... on my website!  No crazy crowds... no pushing, no shoving, no waiting in line for HOURS on end.

Here are my specials:

PLUS, for every Timewise Repair Set purchased, you will get a FREE Skinvigorate brush (this special is good until Dec 1).  AND, for every purchase of $100 (before discount), you will get an extra 5% off.  For every purchase of $200 (before discount), you will get an extra 10% off!  So, this means if you place a $100 order at 6am, you'll get 35% off your order!  If you place a $250 order at 10:30 am, you'll get 25% off your order.  (The time stamp from my website will determine your order).  And I will adjust your total, email it to you before processing, and get your approval.  (Unfortunately, I am unable to change prices on my website, so you will notice you have a full priced total sent to you when you checkout.  Your card is not charged until I process it on my end.)*

I also am doing the Adopt-a-Grandparent program this year.  Please help me bring some joy to some very deserving, local senior citizens.  My goal is to make the holidays special for 150 people this year!  Order deadline for this is Dec 15.  The $12 set includes wrapping, and a gift tag.  (Tax is already included in that.)  Email me at lizherman (at) marykay (dot) com to purchase.*

Also, has your hubby/significant other/girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/lifepartner gotten you your pillow gift yet?  Have you gotten them their's?  Don't know what it is?  You will be the most romantic person at Christmas this year.  Ask me for more info on this fabulous gift, which starts at $25.

What are you thankful for this year????

*Must have no other consultant!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday musings

KI know I am horrible about remembering to post, and I'm sorry.  Some things I hadn't revealed were that the hubby & I decided to geobachelor this tour (when he lives at his new duty station & we live some where else).  We didn't do the traditional geobach, because the kids & I moved to FLORIDA to be with family.  So life has been busy, difficult, amazing, fun, sad...  Everything that life is, but a thousand fold.  I SO respect any single mom or dad out there.  It is not easy to be everything to your child or children.  Anyway, this is not a boo hoo post.  I promise!

Let's talk holidays.  What are you buying for your kiddos?  What's the hot toy this year?

I'm not sure what we are getting for either, Little man or Cutie, but I know what my kids like.  Cutie asked for an Easy Bake Oven, a Kindle, Monster High dolls, books....  The list goes on.  She knows she won't get everything on her list, and I don't think she remembers half of what she's asked for.  

Little man is too little to really understand making a list, but he loves Mickey Mouse, cars, trains, anything boy like, and we will probably get him a water table.  He is an active little man, and typical little boy.

What are some other things that people are looking at?  

I am looking for new running shoes, new running gear, maybe some new clothes...  Really not exciting stuff.  But I also have the added pressure of my birthday being two weeks before Christmas.  So I have to come up with double the gift ideas.  

I am excited to run this promotion again this year.  I can't wait to honor as many seniors in my community as I can.  I am hoping my kiddos will be able to deliver the gifts to the residents and spread some cheer to them.  

I have several gift sets available from my inventory, and also have gifts available from other companies!  

What is the one thing you really want this year?

Interested in making a little extra money this holiday season? 

Or looking to keep those holiday pounds from reaching your hips?  Check out this special:  
Click here to learn more: pack/PiYo-kickstarts?referringrepid=372462


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've been uninspired lately

Which leads me to not want to post.  I've been "busy" taking care of kids, trying to workout my daily schedules, and still make time to have some fun.

So I'll leave you with this...  What do you want to see more of?  Make up tutorials? Crafting ideas?  What?

Monday, August 25, 2014

A new school year brings...

So my little cutie has been back in school for a week now.  The first week is always the hardest, especially with being at a new school.  Moving hasn't been easy on any of us this time.  Cutie is struggling with leaving friends and family (my hubby and I aren't living together because of his new job).  And she's having a hard time making new friends, but I know she'll be fine.

Amazingly, she hopped off the bus all last week in a happy mood, which is better than it was at her last school.  While she misses her friends, her new school is a great fit.  I am excited about the opportunities she is getting at this new school.

Little man and I are adjusting to being at home by ourselves again.  I still have a list a mile long of things I need to get done, but it is nice to have just him at home right now.  Don't get me wrong.  I love when Cutie is home, but they fight, like any siblings do and when you are the only parent at home all day and all night, it is a difficult thing.

Okay, I really didn't come here for a pity party!

Now for a bit of a check in on my goals... August got away from me!  It didn't help that we visited my hubby in DC for a few days and it took us a week to get back here from my parents' summer home in MI.

So, here's how my August has gone.  I'm going to be completely real and honest.  We were in MI until Aug 6, when we drove to DC.  Spent several days in DC and got back home Aug 13.  Cutie started school Aug 18, so the first few days we got back were spent getting her ready.  Plus, meet her teacher night was Aug 15.  Then, my mom left this past Sat.  So last week was spent running a whole mess of errands!

So where does that leave me with my goals?  I fell short.  It's not that I didn't work, I started to get the ball rolling here.  I've handed out business cards, made new contacts.  So it is a step in the right direction.  This week, the last week of August, I will be setting myself up for a FANTASTIC September.  I am still setting up my systems and trying to figure out what my daily schedule will be like.  I also am figuring out how often I will need or want a babysitter.  I love my little man, but would love to have more from my business.

So, watch out September... I'm coming with full force!  I will finish 50 makeovers for September.  Who wants to join me?

Here is my ultimate goal.... I need to keep it in front of me at all times!

I can, I will, I must accomplish this goal! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I still love that word!  I was first introduced to it while in high school, but it had a totally different meaning then.  In high school, we used it as the title for our student written, run & produced variety show of sorts.  But it wasn't your typical variety show.  Anyway, I digress.

So, for those that don't know, this is the beginning of a new Mary Kay year.  And of course, just like the regular new year, we are all thinking about goals.  This year will be different for me.  I am focused on monthly goals, and yes, I have my big year end goal to go with it.  But I am breaking down my goal into "bite" sized pieces.  There is a popular analogy in MK, and probably in a lot of other businesses and life, but it states that you can eat the whole elephant, but you have to do it one bite at a time.

So, let me share my goals with you.  First year long goal is to earn my car, second is to become a director.  The next few won't really make sense to anyone outside of the MK world, but I will be finishing Queens Court of Sales & Sharing, for each of these, I will be earning a diamond ring & diamond bumble bee, respectively.  (And yes, they are real diamonds!). 

So how am I breaking this down?  Well, my monthly goals are 50 makeovers & 25-30 opportunities to share the opportunity.  I want to show my area why I LOVE my Mary Kay, and what it can do for them, not just with their skin or color looks, but what it might mean for them.  Mary Kay has changed me, my life & my family in ways that are amazing.

I know I wouldn't have made these changes had it not of been for MK.  I have become a better person, I work harder (which I didn't think was possible) & yet I am able to be home with my kids.

So let me ask you this...  Where do you want to be in 5 years?  What about 10?  What are you doing to make that happen?

How is that working for you?

Okay, when I get pictures of the ring I will be earning & the bee, I will post it.  

Here is the car that I will be earning this fall.  Which would you choose?

What does this all mean for you?  Well, it means that I am going to giveaway more products than I have ever before.  Would you like to be the recipient of some of the $10,000 in free products I am giving away? Email me for more info (lizherman(at)marykay(dot)com). It also means that I will ask you to sit with me and listen.  There's no pressure, but you never know if this may be for someone you know.  And if you introduce me to someone who does join me on this journey, you'll get a special gift.  It also means that with ever order this year, there will be special gifts, or specials that are exclusive to my customers.  I will also be starting a VIP program that will have lots of rewards.  Stay tuned for details, or email me. 

I can't wait to go on this journey with you and share every step of the way.  Buckle your seat belt & keep checking back.  We will be moving very quickly!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scattered Saturday

Lol... Scattered... I feel that way a lot.  This post is not going to have a lot of rhyme or reason, but I haven't posted in a while.  

Anyway, so I have been making a list of goals that I want to accomplish for this next Mary Kay year (our year runs July 1 - June 30).  And I don't want July to pass by without acting on any of my goals.  

So, if you have never had a facial with me, email me.  We can set up your free facial, or I will send you a facial in a bag, if you aren't local to me.  My goal is to give away 30 makeovers & a special gift with each.  

I am also on the hunt to give away $2000 in free products this month.  So don't delay & schedule your appointment.

Okay, on to the scattered part...  Please check out my fitness blog (  I have updated it with my newest.  I may share over here every so often, but mostly my fit tips, workout programs, and recipes will be over there.  I am also planning on posting my meal plans, etc.  I am on a mission to help people, mostly one-on-one, with meal plans, exercise programs, support, and much more. My time is limited & I can only accept a few people, but more about that will be on my fitness blog.

In the meantime, look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday.
I was one happy person!  The day before my 3 Day Refresh arrived.  I will be starting both on Monday.  So check back at for my results from each program.

And I'll end today's post with a little cuteness from my kids!  
Love these two goobers!

Until next time!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I have decided to change the focus of this blog.

I created a new blog solely for fitness, nutrition & weightloss.  It is  Please go over, follow my weight loss journey there.  I may from time to time update you all here, but my tips, recipes, and journey will be documented there.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Pink Package & Borrow My Bag!

I am SO excited about these two programs that I am now running with my skin care business.  Check them out!

You can be the first to try out our NEWEST and COOLEST products, before others can have them in hand.  Email me here, to sign up for this awesome program!

And....  Here's the second one:

If you can't read the words, you will get a bag, with your word that you will return it to me, full of some of my favorite products.  You get to try it for a week and then share your opinions with me!  Email me here to sign up for this program or ask more info.

What are some of your favorite go-to recipes?

So, in my journey to better health, loosing weight and just over all reshaping my self, I am trying to come up with new recipes.  My go to dinners are typically baked chicken and veggies.  They are good... almost like comfort food, because you know what you are getting.  But I want to change it up.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE stuffed peppers.  And have found that the Stoffers frozen ones aren't too bad, but I do want to try to make my own.

So that being said, talk to me... give me your favorite healthy recipe.  I am trying to eat cleanly, and train meanly, but I can always clean up a recipe, if need be!

Now, on a completely different subject, have you hear the news of the newest Beachbody program?  It is coming out in the next few weeks.  It is a low-impact, huge results program!  So far what I have seen from the test group, their results are AMAZING!  The program is called PiYo.

I have a new challenge group (and no, Shakeology isn't required to be a part of it) starting soon for PiYo.  Email me here to learn more about it, or for me to send you the link to be added to my mailing list.

If you are interested in Shakeology, click here to learn more.

This is my FAVORITE Shakology recipe.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We are settling in!

The one thing about moving, especially every few years, is that we settle in very quickly.  So we've been here for a week and are settling in nicely.  I have my new driver's license, got my car registered, and have all the appropriate items to get into and out of our gates at the neighborhood we live in (we live in a gated community).  I have even started to book makeovers, so if you are in the Ft Myers/Naples/SW FL area, send me an email and schedule your own Beauty Bar, or makeover, or pampering session!

Anyway, one of the promotions I am running right now, for my Beachbody business is a 12-day Shakeology Group!  Here's what it includes.

A New Poster

Shakeology is my FAVORITE meal of the day.  I do replace one of my 4-5 meals a day with Shakeology.  I have a TON more energy, feel better and it truly fills me up.  To learn more about Shakeology, click here.

I will be updating everyone.  One of my good friends has challenged me to run the Disney Princess 10K & half marathon.  This scares me.  I have never done a half.  But I promise I will keep you updated on my training progress.

I also have a new 21 Day Fix Challenge Group starting soon.  Click here to learn more about the 21 Day Challenge, or to purchase!

Hope everyone is having a great summer, so far!  And I am thinking about all my military friends who are PCS'ing right now.  I hope it goes smoothly and that everyone and everything arrives to their new duty stations safely.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moving sucks!

So we are in day 2 of our pack up.  They should be done packing us all up today.  And tomorrow, they load up the trucks.  I hate this part...  It makes it even more real that we are leaving.  It is completely bitter sweet.  I know we are on for more adventures, and new places to live, but I also really like it here.

Anyway, so now for a bit of business...  I am currently inviting you to join my next challenge group!  June 9 we will be starting a 14 Day Clean Eating challenge group (click here to join this group).  It is totally free and will give you a GREAT idea of what I am trying to accomplish with my nutritional goals.

Looking for more with an accountability group?  Want a specific exercise program to go with it?  Check out my next 21 Day Fix Challenge group, which starts also June 9.  Click here to learn more about this program.  It involves a portion controlled eating plan, an intense, but short, daily workout and if you are a part of the challenge group, you will get daily accountability, tips, tricks, and recipes and so much more!  I'd love to have you join me!  Click here to join me and get healthy, strong and leaner!

On my other business, I am offering something I've never done before.  I am offering a "Pink Package".  This is a sneak peek box, similar to those other boxes you see people posting about all the time, that will have the latest Mary Kay products.  This is a quarterly box, so you will get one 4 times a year or every 3 months.  It does include FULL sized products!  Which are always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Plus, you will get special samples and offers.  All this for only $25!  Click here to sign up for this special deal.  Sign ups end June 5, and boxes will ship June 12.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Clean eating

Let's talk fitness and nutrition today.  For many years, I have been super interested in making my body as healthy as possible.  No, I haven't always been good about what I put into my body, and I've probably done some questionable things.  But since I found the 21-Day Fix program, from BeachBody* (click here to learn more about it), I am focused more on what is actually going into my mouth.

Don't get me wrong, I've always eaten pretty good, although I have indulged since living in New Orleans.  The food down here is like nothing I have ever encountered before.  But that's not what this post is about.

There is so much information out there, and science (having been a scientist in my former life) is ever changing.  Scientists are forever finding out that their "findings" aren't accurate.  This happens because the methods change, technology gets better and so do the instruments they use to analyze what they are trying to prove.

Okay, so I'm good at getting off topic.  Let's get back to the topic at hand.  I am forever striving to eat cleanly.  What does that mean?  It means, I really try to watch the foods that go into my mouth.  I strive to eat non-processed foods.  This isn't always easy and I am still learning how to eat cleanly, and effectively.  But I am definitely making progress.

Throughout the upcoming weeks, months, and possibly even years, I will update you all on my progress.  I am not ready to post my before pic yet, because, although I see progress, I'm not ready yet to put out there what I actually look like (full body).

So, today, I ask you....  This is my favorite healthy meal, what's yours?

*I am a BeachBody Consultant.  If you would like to sign up for a free BeachBody account to get access to a great community, with TONS of tips, click here.
**There is still time to join my 12 Day Challenge.  Click here to email me.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Until we meet again

This is not good bye, New Orleans... This is until we meet again.

With our time in New Orleans quickly coming to a close, I find myself in denial.  Denial that at first I was hesitant to move here.  In denial that 4 years has quickly gone by.  And in denial that there are still so many areas of the city that I haven't explored, restaurants I haven't eaten in and sights I haven't seen.

This is the first city that we have lived in, since I moved to Florida in 1996, that I consider my home.  I know I've made a lot of friends along our journey with my crazy hubby's duty stations, but this is the first one, since I left Jacksonville in 2001, that I will probably cry as I am driving out of town.

I know bigger and better things are out there for our family, but it doesn't make leaving a wonderfully colorful city, with a LOT of culture, leaving friends who have become more like family than any I've had in a long time, and New Orleans.

So many people call this beautifully interesting city home, even if they are not physically here any more.  And I completely understand why.  I understand why so many have transplanted here as well.

I will miss crawfish, drinking in the streets, all the parades we have gone to, the merriment that is Mardi Gras, and the people who make this city so colorful.  I do hope to come back on day, either for vacation or to live, I'm not sure yet.  I am happy that we did and experienced so much of this unique city.

So, this isn't good bye, this is until we meet again.

"America only has three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.  Everywhere else is Cleveland." Tennessee Williams

Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfer season is beginning

I know I've been MIA lately...  but the life of a military spouse has very few regularities.  And this happens to be one of them.... Transfer season, or PCS'ing.  Moving, relocating.  And it's that time again for us.  We are moving, yet again.  This is the first duty station that I am truly sorry to leave, well at least in a long time.  I always miss my friends from each place, but not always the place.

So our lives have been all about scheduling our packers and movers with the Household Goods people...  Purging all the unwanted toys, shoes, clothes, and just stuff.  And let me tell you, we went from an apartment to a house with no basement to house with a basement, to another house with a basement....  Now to here....  A house without a basement.  So all the things that we squirreled away have been sitting in my garage collecting dust.  It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 4 years.

So what's new for our household...  well, this is the first tour that we will be doing separately.    We are fine...  it's just that his new job will keep him working long hours, and with commute times as they are where he is going, I would essentially be a single mom.  I would much rather have help with just day to day things, like running errands, or taking a shower, or even homework.  And so the kids and I are moving home.  Plus, it affords me extra time to work my businesses... yes businesses.  I know I plan to continue with Mary Kay, but not sure which of the others I have blogged about I will keep up.  I think I will be continuing with MK & Beachbody.  (Which is new.  It was free for me to start, so why not?  I love their products and I love helping people achieve their weight loss or health goals.)  So we'll see.

What else can I say?  Except, the kids and I are super excited to be living with and near family, which is something that we haven't had in, well, ever.

And of course, for those that don't know, Sat was the Kentucky Derby.  Since, a) my hubby is from Kentucky originally, and b) he LOVES horse racing.  We hosted our 2nd annual Derby Party... Hats, Mint Juleps, and all!  One of our friends even brought the BEST sliders (ham and cheese) - I know they have a name, but I am drawing a blank.  For the second year, one of our family's horses won... and we won a bottle of Fireball, for the second year in a row.  Too funny!  Anyway, I found my decorations on Pinterest, which you can follow my boards here.  And I thank The Polka Dot Chair for the printables.  Once I get the pictures off my phone, I'll be happy to post how they came out for me.  If you are just too impatient to see them, visit me on Instagram.  You can see my cute kids and other things that I just find fun.  So I will leave you with this lovely picture of the spires at the infamous Churchill Downs.

So be looking for me to continue this blog, I promise to update you with my weight loss progress, and the races I run.  Plus, I will keep you up-to-date with all my business musings.

Thanks for reading my ramblings about my life, my hobbies and my businesses.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Started a new eating plan

So, I've been doing the P90X3 exercise program for 5 weeks now.  And I am definitely getting stronger.  I also have been trying to get my 3 runs in every week as well.  I have a 5K coming up in April.  I am nervous.  This week, my first running day was 5 min runs with 3 min walks. It was hard, but I did it.  My 2nd day is supposed to be 8 min runs with 5 min walks.  And the 3rd day is a straight 20 min straight run.  That one scares the pants off of me!

Anyway, mixed with my workout program, I added the 21-day fix eating plan.  I will keep you all updated with my results.  Today is day 1.  So far so good.  I have learned that I need to plan my eating.  I've always been more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of eater.  I do watch my portions, but not nearly as much as this program.* I am excited to see where it takes me.  And once I finish my P90X3 program, I will be adding the 21-Day Fix workouts to my program.

This time I will succeed.  I am ready to do the work to loose the weight& get in great shape!

*i am not a BeachBody Coach, but if you are interested, I can get you in touch with my friend & coach!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I know... I know... that title sucks.  Sorry!  I am just not being very creative at the moment.  I started doing the P90X3 program almost 3 weeks ago.  It may only be 30 mins, but wow, it is a GREAT workout.  But I digress.... I have been struggling with my weight for the last few years, pretty much since I had kids.  Although my struggles did begin a little before that.  Anyway, my goal is to lose the 50, or so, lbs that have crept up on me since I pretty much got married.

I will not post pics right now, b/c I am just not that confident yet.  I think in my mind that my body is a size that it isn't, or doesn't appear to be in pictures.  And no, I do not have issues with food.  I eat fairly healthy, and indulge every once in a while.  I think it is just genes and getting older.

I am not only doing the P90X3 program but also doing the couch to 10K program.  I am running a 5K with a friend of mine in April, but I've been wanting to up my game and go for a 10K in 2014.  YIKES!  I said that out loud.  I also dream of doing the Disney Princess 10K.  I don't know if I have the mental focus to run a half marathon.  LOL  I can go for 30-45 mins right now, but not much longer.  And no, I am not at the point of running the whole time.  But each week I am getting better.

Anyway, I am going to update you all every so often of my progress.  I will post some stats, mostly lbs lost and inches lost.  And maybe, just maybe when I get where I am going or I get closer to my goal, I may post my transformation pictures.  :)  Until then...  you'll just have to look at my pretty picture in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy New Year!

Okay, so it's almost the end of February, and I've been MIA.  Some big changes are coming to our household.  First off, hubby got his orders....  Drum roll please.... He's headed off to Washington, DC.  I am taking the kids & moving to my parents' house.  Before all the questions start, yes, we are fine... Hubby's new job will be long days, with long commutes & crazy hours & lots of international travel.  We made the decision together that it would be best for me & the kids to stay with my parents.  Not only will I not be a "single" mother, but we will be closer to my in-laws as well.  So, everyone wins out.  Well, sort of...  I'm not saying it will be easy, because I know it won't.  But for our family it is best.

Okay...  So the fun part, we will be living in Florida & will be able to head to my parents' summer house in MI this summer to hang with my sister & her family.  And we'll be in Florida...  Do I hear Disney calling my name?  I think so.  :) LOL Plus, I still have a lot of friends in FL from college & a few from high school.

Anyway, with the Super Bowl being this weekend...  We decided to host a party.  And I am hosting a few specials (as seen on my fanpage... ). Here they are...

I have also started a new company.  Still have Mary Kay & Jewelry in Candles, although I am not promoting JIC too heavily...  I am also a Distributor for Spirit Lockets.  You can visit my website,  You can order from there, or directly through me.  Just shoot me an email ( and let me know what you are interested in.