Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday musings

KI know I am horrible about remembering to post, and I'm sorry.  Some things I hadn't revealed were that the hubby & I decided to geobachelor this tour (when he lives at his new duty station & we live some where else).  We didn't do the traditional geobach, because the kids & I moved to FLORIDA to be with family.  So life has been busy, difficult, amazing, fun, sad...  Everything that life is, but a thousand fold.  I SO respect any single mom or dad out there.  It is not easy to be everything to your child or children.  Anyway, this is not a boo hoo post.  I promise!

Let's talk holidays.  What are you buying for your kiddos?  What's the hot toy this year?

I'm not sure what we are getting for either, Little man or Cutie, but I know what my kids like.  Cutie asked for an Easy Bake Oven, a Kindle, Monster High dolls, books....  The list goes on.  She knows she won't get everything on her list, and I don't think she remembers half of what she's asked for.  

Little man is too little to really understand making a list, but he loves Mickey Mouse, cars, trains, anything boy like, and we will probably get him a water table.  He is an active little man, and typical little boy.

What are some other things that people are looking at?  

I am looking for new running shoes, new running gear, maybe some new clothes...  Really not exciting stuff.  But I also have the added pressure of my birthday being two weeks before Christmas.  So I have to come up with double the gift ideas.  

I am excited to run this promotion again this year.  I can't wait to honor as many seniors in my community as I can.  I am hoping my kiddos will be able to deliver the gifts to the residents and spread some cheer to them.  

I have several gift sets available from my inventory, and also have gifts available from other companies!  

What is the one thing you really want this year?

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