Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfer season is beginning

I know I've been MIA lately...  but the life of a military spouse has very few regularities.  And this happens to be one of them.... Transfer season, or PCS'ing.  Moving, relocating.  And it's that time again for us.  We are moving, yet again.  This is the first duty station that I am truly sorry to leave, well at least in a long time.  I always miss my friends from each place, but not always the place.

So our lives have been all about scheduling our packers and movers with the Household Goods people...  Purging all the unwanted toys, shoes, clothes, and just stuff.  And let me tell you, we went from an apartment to a house with no basement to house with a basement, to another house with a basement....  Now to here....  A house without a basement.  So all the things that we squirreled away have been sitting in my garage collecting dust.  It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 4 years.

So what's new for our household...  well, this is the first tour that we will be doing separately.    We are fine...  it's just that his new job will keep him working long hours, and with commute times as they are where he is going, I would essentially be a single mom.  I would much rather have help with just day to day things, like running errands, or taking a shower, or even homework.  And so the kids and I are moving home.  Plus, it affords me extra time to work my businesses... yes businesses.  I know I plan to continue with Mary Kay, but not sure which of the others I have blogged about I will keep up.  I think I will be continuing with MK & Beachbody.  (Which is new.  It was free for me to start, so why not?  I love their products and I love helping people achieve their weight loss or health goals.)  So we'll see.

What else can I say?  Except, the kids and I are super excited to be living with and near family, which is something that we haven't had in, well, ever.

And of course, for those that don't know, Sat was the Kentucky Derby.  Since, a) my hubby is from Kentucky originally, and b) he LOVES horse racing.  We hosted our 2nd annual Derby Party... Hats, Mint Juleps, and all!  One of our friends even brought the BEST sliders (ham and cheese) - I know they have a name, but I am drawing a blank.  For the second year, one of our family's horses won... and we won a bottle of Fireball, for the second year in a row.  Too funny!  Anyway, I found my decorations on Pinterest, which you can follow my boards here.  And I thank The Polka Dot Chair for the printables.  Once I get the pictures off my phone, I'll be happy to post how they came out for me.  If you are just too impatient to see them, visit me on Instagram.  You can see my cute kids and other things that I just find fun.  So I will leave you with this lovely picture of the spires at the infamous Churchill Downs.

So be looking for me to continue this blog, I promise to update you with my weight loss progress, and the races I run.  Plus, I will keep you up-to-date with all my business musings.

Thanks for reading my ramblings about my life, my hobbies and my businesses.

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