Monday, December 15, 2014

Kiss & tell... Join our Mistletoe Movement!

So we have 6, yes 6, new shades of our luscious Nourishine Lip Gloss!  And in order to get the opinion of our customers, we are asking for 10-15 minutes of your time.  It's super easy, you get free products, AND you get to give your HONEST opinion of our newest shades of Lip Gloss!

It is SO much fun and SUPER easy.  And you get to be entered to win $100 FREE in Mary Kay!  Seriously, no purchase necessary to be entered.

Along with this, I am also looking for 10 women who want to be entered to win a model makeover contest.  This is SO easy.  Just sit down with me, we'll do a before & after makeover.  And you will be entered.  We are hosting a fashion show in February, and the boutique owner and salon owner get to pick our most dramatic makeovers to model their clothes and hair styles.  We want all shapes, colors, sizes, ages... everybody is eligible.  You will get, on the day of the fashion show, your hair done by a licensed hair dresser, to wear some FABULOUS clothing, and get your makeup picked out by us.  Email me here to set up your makeover appointment.  For this one, you must be local to me, or be willing to come here for your before & after & the fashion show.

NOW for the ABSOLUTELY fun part...  I am booking for January!  Yes, you heard me... I am booking for January.  My January hostesses will get hostess credits (Email me & ask about my hostess program - but $200 FREE to party with me!), PLUS, you will get 1 single item every month until July at 50% off!  You choose which single item you want each and every month!  WOW!  Email me to schedule your pampering, girls night in!  Dates are filling up fast!

Also, I still have some gifts in all price ranges, wrapped and ready to be delivered/mailed.  I also can do gift certificates, ask me about my specials with the gift certificates.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!  I know I will be posting more between now and then, but you can never have too much cheer at this time of year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Specials just for you

It is my favorite time of the year...  I did start these specials on my fanpage,, but wanted to share them over here with you.  I will honor my first special for today as well as today's special.

I'm trying something new for December. Every day until Dec 25 I will post a special. It will be good for 24 hours only. Adjustments to your total will be made after your order is placed.  

So, today's special is Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss - formulated with vitamin E & C. Buy one and 2nd one is 50% off. No limit to the number you can order. promo code Dec1

Daily December Deal #3 - offer good December 3rd only!

ALL foundations - medium coverage, luminious-wear, matte-wear, creme to powder, mineral powder, CC and day-radiance - buy 1 and get your choice of a FREE foundation primer OR makeup finish spray! $16 or $18 value! 

www. promo code Dec 3

Most wonderful time of the year!

The holiday season is here!  This is my favorite time of the year.  People are nicer, the world just seems so much happier... And it's also my birthday!

It all starts with Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving, because of the food, the Macy's parade, getting together with family & friends, and the fact that it starts off the holiday season!

Inbeween Thanksgiving & Christmas is my birthday!  Birthdays have always been special to me, doesn't matter if it is mine, or yours or his... It is a special day.  Sure other people share it with you, but it is a day all about you.  A time for family & friends to get together, share a good meal and some cake! Who doesn't like cake?!?

Then comes Christmas.  From the smells to the decorations to the food and giving, I love it all.  It isn't about the presents I receive any more...  But watching my children's faces as they help decorate, bake cookies, see the tree all lit up...  So many traditions.  Again, I love Christmas dinner for many of the same reasons I love Thanksgiving dinner!  

When my grandmother was alive, she would host Christmas Eve.  We always had ham with all the fixings.  We weren't allowed to go into the living room, where the Christmas tree, because we weren't allowed to see the"empty boxes".  Yes, the adults in my family convinced us that the boxes were empty until Santa came to fill them much later that night.  So we would drive home, my sister & I counting Christmas lights on houses and singing songs. We'd go to bed.

The next morning we would wake up early, of course!  And we weren't allowed to wake up our parents until 7 am.  But we would go downstairs and check out all the presents.  Santa always left us one present that wasn't wrapped, so we would often look at it, or play with it.  We were also allowed to look in our stockings.  

After opening presents and eating some breakfast at our house, we would load up our car.  We always started at my Grandmother's house.  We'd open more presents with our cousins, eat brunch, which always had ham salad.  My grandmother would make it from the left over ham from Christmas Eve.  We would then head to what felt like a million other houses, and end our day at my Grandma's house.  

It was always a long, but wonderful day, because we spent it all with our family.

Things of course have changed throughout the years, but essentially everything was the same.  Now, I get to share a lot of these traditions with my children and my mother-in-law.

What's your favorite holiday memory?