Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scattered Saturday

Lol... Scattered... I feel that way a lot.  This post is not going to have a lot of rhyme or reason, but I haven't posted in a while.  

Anyway, so I have been making a list of goals that I want to accomplish for this next Mary Kay year (our year runs July 1 - June 30).  And I don't want July to pass by without acting on any of my goals.  

So, if you have never had a facial with me, email me.  We can set up your free facial, or I will send you a facial in a bag, if you aren't local to me.  My goal is to give away 30 makeovers & a special gift with each.  

I am also on the hunt to give away $2000 in free products this month.  So don't delay & schedule your appointment.

Okay, on to the scattered part...  Please check out my fitness blog (  I have updated it with my newest.  I may share over here every so often, but mostly my fit tips, workout programs, and recipes will be over there.  I am also planning on posting my meal plans, etc.  I am on a mission to help people, mostly one-on-one, with meal plans, exercise programs, support, and much more. My time is limited & I can only accept a few people, but more about that will be on my fitness blog.

In the meantime, look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday.
I was one happy person!  The day before my 3 Day Refresh arrived.  I will be starting both on Monday.  So check back at for my results from each program.

And I'll end today's post with a little cuteness from my kids!  
Love these two goobers!

Until next time!

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