Monday, March 9, 2015


So I don't know if I ever introduced myself or my business.  So...Hi all!  My name is Liz.

I am so many things, and included are business owner, wife, mom, best friend, sister, runner, avid fitness enthusiast... The list goes on.

My hubby is active duty Coast Guard.  He has had a wonderful career, and still has a wonderful career.

I, on the other hand, have had a wonderful life with him.  I help women look and feel amazing on the outside, which empowers them to feel better on the inside. I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Our main focus is skin care, but we also have an amazing color line and so much more. 

I am currently earning my first car with Mary Kay.  And I am so excited as I build a strong team here in SW Florida.

I also love giving away thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars of products each and every month.  I love pampering women and giving my hostesses as much free products as I can.  

Have you ever had an experience with Mary Kay Cosmetics?

Monday, March 2, 2015


So, since I got back from running the Glass Slipper Challenge, two things have changed about me.  I want to workout, but usually I get the motivation to do so late at night or when I have no time to work out.  And I just can't seem to get myself out the door to run.  I want to run.  I even signed up for a 5K color run, but it still hasn't motivated me to get moving again.

Part of my issue is that I know I can do a 5K with not too much training, and I know that they don't usually time this run.  This is for fun.  And I hope the friends that are joining me will see it as such.

I do want to sign up for more races.  I really do.  But Disney has spoiled me.

It's all about that bling now!  No, seriously... no finisher medal, probably no race for me. 

I mean who wouldn't love to have these around their neck?

Anyway, I also really want to start lifting and doing more cross training.  I want to get faster.  I have goals.

Part of my issue is that I don't really know what I am doing.  Going to the gym intimidates me.

What about you?  How do you keep yourself motivated?

See, I am seeing results, well I have seen some since even the beginning of the year.  I am down 6-7 lbs and I'm not sure about inches.  But my clothes are fitting differently.

It does excited me.  But now, I want to tone.  I want to work on my arms, legs, abs, etc.

I am a part of a company...

That is moving and shaking and setting records.  I can't believe it.  I love every minute that I spend working my business.

The company did it again.  In years past, the company has offered a bonus or special for starting your business in April.  But this year, the offered it in March!  That's right...  It is going on for the moment!  

Amazing!  I am so energized about his offer, and I can't even take advantage of it.

So what does it mean?  It means you can get your starter kit, with over $400 worth of retail sized products, plus training materials and samples, for only $75!  That is a 25% savings.  Plus, there's more when you decide to join me, I have a sign on bonus worth $34 and much more.

What can this do for you?  It has changed so many lives.  Provided money for bills, to save, to buy that house or send their kids to college/private school, to dig someone out of debt, to provide for your family, your parents... The list goes on.  This opportunity has provided not only monetary gains, but personal development, confidence, personal growth & so much more.

So I want to ask this...  What will change if you try?  What will change if you don't?

What do you want for your life.