Monday, June 25, 2012

My first Pintrest Pin...

So, I've decided to write about all the pins that I try from Pintrest.  The first is going to be a fitness one.  This one I'll be starting this evening, after my hubby gets home.  It is a 2-week "turn around" workout from Prevention magazine.  I'll post my stats at the end of two weeks, and maybe I'll be brave enough to post a before & after picture.  We'll see. 

This is my first real workouts since my son was born, 8 weeks ago.  I have to ease into it, because I wasn't able to workout while pregnant.  But I do need to get started.  I am signed up to run the Color Run in November in New Orleans.  I am excited, but I haven't run in almost a year now... I stopped in November of 2011, or so.  After Tropical Storm Lee came through, and being pregnant, my asthma was kicked up.  Running was difficult.  Anyway, I'm sure you all don't want to read about my health troubles.

I am back and better than before!  But this being New Orleans and being the summer time, I am thinking of waiting a bit before I really dive into running.  The dreadmill (treadmill) is NOT my favorite to run on, but at least it is in the air conditioning.  :)  Anyway, I digress...  here is the website for the workout that I will be doing for the next two weeks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The beginning...

So, I've started 2 other blogs and haven't gone anywhere with them.  But this one will be different.  First off, a little about me... I am a 30-something, mother of 2, active duty military wife.  I work full time, and have a direct sales business that I am working to grow.  My hubby and I have lived in 5 states in the last 12 years (which isn't a lot for military families, but it is a lot for me.)  My hubby is career, to answer that question... and we have about 5 more years before he is eligible to retire, but he will probably go for 26 or so, depending on where we are in life, of course.  In terms that I understand is about 2 more tours before we entertain the thought of retiring.  WOW!  This thought scares me a bit, but excites me too...  As I get older, I like moving less and less.  Don't get me wrong, my hubby's military career, thus far, has been wonderful.  He has gotten a lot of GREAT opportunities to do things that he's been wanting to do since he was little... to see places that he never thought he would, and to accomplish many goals that he's had.  For me, it has given me the opportunity to live in places that I never thought I would. 

I went to college in Jacksonville, FL and once I arrived there, I didn't think I was going to leave.  HA!  But God had other plans for me.  I thought that once I graduated from college I would move to Tampa or some bigger city in FL and start my life.  But at the end of my junior year, I met my hubby.  And we ended up getting married a year after I graduated.  He got accepted into law school and off we were to the College of William and Mary.  Anyway, I digress...

This blog is just a compilation of my life, my interests and my family.  I'll be sharing my fitness journey, my life journey and my business journey with you all.  So stay tuned!  :o)