Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where doe the time go?

So, I've been thinking about time passing lately.  Probably because my children's birthdays are coming up.  My little man's birthday is a week from tomorrow, April 29th!  YIKES!  He is turning 4.  It feels like he was just turning 1!  He is growing up, but still is so small.  He asked me in the car today how he could grow up faster.  And my only answer was that I didn't want him to grow up faster.

I want him to stay the same sweet, caring, although frustrating at times, spunky self!  

Anyway, mostly I've been thinking about my daughter.  She'll be 9 in the end of May.  This is such a weird age.  I can see her trying to be older and more mature, and there are times I do wonder where my little girl has gone.  But everyone once in a while, I get to catch a glimpse of my little girl.  She is still there.


I remember this time in my life.  When I wanted to be older, but I also wanted to play with my toys.  I can see, even when she is with her friends, they still want to play with their Monster High dolls, and Barbies, but then they are all starting to want to use technology, get cell phones, iPads and tablets.  

I have seen it with one of my friend's daughters as well.  She still likes her My Little Ponies, but is trying desperately to be older.  

I remember it being very confusing, but also exciting.  And now, it is exciting, and very scary to be going through it on the other side.  To be witnessing her growing up from a parent's prospective... I'm sure my mom felt the same way when I was my daughter's age.

So where do we go from here?  I don't want to baby her, and I do want to give her more freedoms, but I also scared of what is out in the world for her and excited all at the same time.  

I just hope I am doing something right with her... And I do catch glimpses that I am.

Did you have a child who is on the verge of the pre-teen years?  How are you handling it?