Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Musings

I have the best hubby ever!  He's been traveling for the last month, literally.  So it has been Little Man and Cutie and myself 24/7.  It isn't easy and I commend all those single mothers out there.  I don't know how they do it ALL the time.  I'm screaming for a break right now... but I know I won't be getting one until MAYBE Sunday.  But seriously, my hat goes off to all those single mothers out there.  You should be celebrated!

Anyway, so back to the reason my hubby is awesome.  We were texting this morning about our 5 year old, Cutie.  She is such a character... I am SO much!  And at times, she is very trying.  I know it is her job to test the waters... and she does a great job at it.

Anyway, ran out this afternoon on my lunch break, came back and found a note that someone had delivered something and it was next door with my neighbor.  (What a sweet man, and not bad to look at either... hehehehe, don't tell hubby.  Hey, I'm married, not dead.  I can notice when something or someone is nice looking.)  Anyway, hubby sent me flowers.  I never get flowers, because I am allergic to most flowers.  But here they are!  So wonderful.

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