Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Funday

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather around here turned, seemed like over night.  This morning we woke up to 50's!  YIKES!  That's cold for this time of year in NOLA.  And yesterday barely reached 70!  All last week it was still warm... in the 80's, and sunny.  And it is supposed to get back there by the week's end.  But this just leads to sickness around here.

Anyway, that's not what today's post is all about.  Now, I know you all know that I'm on a quest to get back in shape, be in better health and loose some weight.  So, I found something on Pinterest, yes, I am addicted.  It is a DIY body wrap.  CRAZY, I know.  I usually don't believe in those things... but something told me to try it.  It consisted of using "Farewell to Cellulite" gel (the Equate brand, found at Walmart), Vitamin E oil, and Saran Wrap, or plastic wrap.  You rub the gel and oil on the part of your body you want to wrap, wrap it with the plastic wrap and then sit under a warm blanket for 45 minutes to an hour. (I used a heating pad, the original poster on Pinterest used an electric blanket)  I did an hour.  You are supposed to sweat, which I didn't.  But I do have to say that I did loose some inches.  I tape measured myself right before and right after, and then I measured the next morning and the next night.  So here's what happened, right after I finished, I lost 1 inch all over (oh and I wrapped my waist).  By the next morning, I lost a total of 4 inches.  By the next night, I lost another inch.  Then I did another wrap, and lost another inch.  By the next morning, I was down half an inch, and by the next evening I was down a total of 5 inches.  I didn't change my eating habits or water consumption or anything like that.  I am not sure if it is lasting.  But I'll keep you updated.  I am going to try to do 4 wraps this week, on 4 consecutive days.  And report my findings by the end of the week.  I do have to warn you, though, I am running again this week, changing my eating habits and starting back on Bios Life Slim.  (If you want to know more about that, email me or send me a message!)

So, happy Monday, y'all.  Let's make today a GREAT day.

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