Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughts for the day...

I don't normally blog about my kids, although they are my everything.  I am definitely a family person!  But my daughter, who happens to be 5 & a half and in Kindergarten, has really started to read on her own.  I didn't want to push her, although she has desperately wanted to read by herself for the past year.  I have encouraged her to read with us her whole life.  I love reading, and want to pass that along to my children.  I just don't have time to read right now.

But anyway, between reading and learning to tie her shoes, she is floating on cloud 9.  There are only 6 kids in her class, including herself, that are in the shoe tying club.  She was SO excited when she was inducted into that "club" at school. 

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing things through her eyes.  She is a funny, smart, creative, sassy little girl, and she just amazes me every day.  She has picked up things that I never would have thought she would.  We do watch a LOT of PBS kids... and although I don't love how much time she watches TV, I am so glad that it is educational programs, for the most part.  Hey, we all need some mindless time.  But what I love about her is that even though the TV is on, she'll be playing with her toys, coloring a picture, or reading a book.  She isn't just a zombie watching TV. 

I hope my son will be the same way!  He's already a mover and a shaker.  He can't sit still, but not in a bad way.  He loves to explore.  He's only 7 months, as of today!  YIKES!  Where has the time gone? 

I love my little family and am happy that we are complete, neurotic dog and all.  :)  What's your family like?

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