Monday, November 12, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Today's product is one of our newer products, and a personal favorite of mine, the Lash & Brow Building Serum.  This product is AMAZING.  It rebuilds and thickens your lashes, and brows.  (I haven't tried it on my brows, but my lashes look amazing now, because of this product.)

Okay, company material on this product:
This product helps lashes look fuller, and thicker and have more volume.  Just use it once a day for 30 days & you'll see the results that women everywhere are talking about!

So, an independent study done with this product said that 7 out of 10 women said their lashes look fuller.  80% also said that it helped reduce lash loss during makeup removal (don't forget about our Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover).  77% said it reduced las hbrittleness and breakage.  76% said the look of thin, sparse lashes was improved and 65% said the look of thin, sparse brows was improved.

I have used this product and LOVE it.  What you do is make sure to use your Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and remove all your eye makeup, at night.  If you wear contacts, you need to take them out before using this product.  Then unscrew the top, and brush the gel on your lash line (where your lashes meet the skin).  Leave it there all night to do it's magic and in 30 days, viola!  Gorgeous lashes!  For brows, just brush on the gel on sparse or bare areas in the direction of hair growth. 

Retails: $38-Ophthalmologist-tested
-Suitable for contact lens wearers
-Suitable for sensitive eyes


  1. I have very long lashes and bushy eyebrows...but my mom doesn't. She LOVES this new product! :)