Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Monday - Funday

So I know I've been MIA lately.  Life just got busy... between work, kids, my business, my hubby and my neglected house, there just wasn't time for me!  I'm a HUGE believer that everyone should get to spend SOME (not all... just some) time on themselves and by themselves, doing what they love to do.

For me, it's crafts.  I made Cutie some hair bows this weekend.  I only finished two, but I think they turned out adorable, if I do say so myself!  I'll post pics tomorrow, if I remember to take them.  I of course got my inspiration from Pintrest.  There are a lot of GREAT turtorials out there.  I enjoy making them, and Cutie LOVES wearing them. 

I am slowly, but surly, making my way through my Pinterest pins.  HA!  I may be old and gray before I make it through all of them!  Hehehehehehe.... LOL.

So anyway, not that I am a football fan, but living in the South, you kind of have to be.  It is an exciting weekend for football.  (Not that I watched any of the games.. but from what I hear from everyone, it was!)  HEHEHEHEHE!

Anyway, find me on Pinterest, if you want... my Pinterest is:

And share with me what your favorite pin (doesn't have to be mine) is.  I'd love to connect!

(Just a little Monday Morning/afternoon humor!)  Bring it on, Monday!

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