Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let's talk essential oils

I don't know about you, but I am the type of person who HATES, (did I say that loudly enough?), to take medicines.  I can't tell you why, and I know sometimes they are necessary, but overall, I think that our society is quick to medicate.

So, I've been on a search for something more natural.  And walks in essential oils into my life.

It feels like there was this HUGE boom, overnight, of people using essential oils, and people joining companies that sell oils.  I am SO not against direct sales of any kind, trust you me.  I know I can outfit my home and even grocery shop through direct sales, and then clothe yourself.  You can buy EVERYTHING through direct sales and I love it!

I love it because it helps keep parents home, it offers a way for people to better themselves, to feel good about their lives, to own something when they might have felt they couldn't.  I know, I participate in them and support my fellow consultants/coaches/reps (whatever you may wish to be called).

But I digress...  Sorry, not sorry!

Anyway, I have tried out different essential oils, and want to learn more, especially for ones to keep me and my family healthy (including my allergies).  I am still super green when it comes to oils, and how to use them.  But I am forever reading, and learning.

In the meantime, I did find a company that I feel has quality oils.  Not that I feel that one company is better than the other.  I know I have thought that some of the prices were a bit high, but again, I am learning all about them.

Please check out this company (affiliate link) and tell me what you think!

So tell me, what is your favorite essential oil?  Do you use them?  Regularly?

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