Thursday, September 20, 2012

Well that didn't last long...

Okay, so finding time and energy to workout, let alone start running again, has been a challenge.  Between the baby getting sick and not sleeping well and then reverting to waking several times a night, and hubby traveling, life got in my way.  But that's okay.  I'm going to start again... I'm going to start with the Couch to 5K program (I've done it in the past and did well with it) and on my "off" days from running, I'll be trying that two week Prevention program that I posted about earlier.  I also will be documenting it all... I promise, daily, or at least Monday through Friday.  :)

I'm not sure if I ever even posted about myself... so here I am.  I am a 30-something (really I am proud of my age - so I'll claim it.  I'm 34) wife and mother of 2.  Glup.  That just scares me sometimes.  I am married to a man that is active duty military and we are living in our 5th state, since we got met and got married... that's in the last 11 years.  We are lucky ones, because hubby's job doesn't have us moving as often as some.  We are usually stationed some place for 4 years or so.  But that's only recently.  I do work a job, which is not necessarily the norm for military spouses.  But I love working.  And I do have a direct sales business, which I am trying to make more full time then part time or hobby time.  I'm working on promoting myself and earning my first car with my company, among other things this year.  My children are amazing kids.  My daughter is in kindergarten and it is SO much fun to watch her learning new things and get excited about her day.  In fact, last night, after her Open House (which she just couldn't sit still.  She wanted to show me EVERYTHING in her classroom... too cute!), she said to me that she wished it were morning already.  I asked her why, and she said because she couldn't wait to get back to school.  I, on the other hand, was wishing time would stop, at least for the night, so I could get more than 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  HA!  I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead. 

Anyway, little man is now 4 months, almost 5 months old.  YIKES!  The time has flown by.  And the weather is getting cooler... it's not nearly as humid as it has been!  YAY!  Fall is in the air in NOLA... okay, so it still reaches 85-90 during the day, but seriously people, the humidity is not there.  So, I really am going to focus on running outside.  Part of my issue, is my own issue... I feel like people are watching me.  But I need to just put that aside and think of them watching me in awe, rather than in shock.  :)  So, I'm signing off for today... but tune in tomorrow, and I'll tell you how today went.  :)

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