Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updates & Challenge

I've been MIA, big time!  But I am back.  I'm so sorry I haven't posted recently.  Life has been CRAZY!  Let's see, first it was my birthday (back in December), then we had Christmas.  And my family spent 2 weeks with my parents.  Loved it!  Then we came back, and jumped right back into life and all it's craziness.  In the meantime, Carnival started here in New Orleans.  It all starts on 12fth night and continues until Mardi Gras.  This year Mardi Gras and Easter were early!  Anyway, the world stops around here for all the parades.  Usually the week before is when all the parades happen in New Orleans, and the weekend before is a whirlwind!

With all that, hubby and I enjoyed our time this year again in NOLA for Mardi Gras.  We saw some great parades, got some great throws (and it is really about more than just the plastic beads, trust me), and ate some good food (since NOLA is a GREAT place to eat and gain weight.  HA!)  Anyway, I am back.  I will be posting more regularly.  I promise.

So on the business front....  help me out, please!

OK friends...I am having a MISS AMERICA contest this month

Do you know a Woman that is UNIQUE? INSPIRING? CONFIDENT?

Then she is the kind of woman I need for this contest!! Here is how it works:

I need to do before and after makeovers with at least one person from each state! You count even if you don't live there right now...Just have to have lived in that state before! Can you help me with the crazy states that I don't know anyone in??

Let's get started...who wants to represent a state?? If you aren't local...I will send you a makeover goody bag....walk you through it...and you send me your before and after pics! If you want to have a "MISS AMERICA" party and want FREE MK...let me know that too! When I get all 50 states represented THIS month...I am doing a drawing for a QUEEN package (over $100 in MK), a first runner up...AND 3 court members!!

Ask your friends from other states if they will enter to represent their state in the Miss America contest so we can do the drawing!!


 States & their entries:
■AL Alabama -
■AK Alaska -
■AZ Arizona -
■AR Arkansas -
■CA California -
■CO Colorado -
■CT Connecticut -
■DE Delaware -
■FL Florida -
■GA Georgia -
■HI Hawaii -
■ID Idaho -
■IL Illinois -
■IN Indiana -
■IA Iowa -
■KS Kansas -
■KY Kentucky -
■LA Louisiana - Wendy L. (pending)
■ME Maine -
■MD Maryland -
■MA Massachusetts -
■MI Michigan -
■MN Minnesota -
■MS Mississippi -
■MO Missouri -
■MT Montana -
■NE Nebraska -
■NV Nevada -
■NH New Hampshire -
■NJ New Jersey -
■NM New Mexico -
■NY New York -
■NC North Carolina -
■ND North Dakota -
■OH Ohio -
■OK Oklahoma -
■OR Oregon -
■PA Pennsylvania -
■RI Rhode Island -
■SC South Carolina -
■SD South Dakota -
■TN Tennessee -
■TX Texas -
■UT Utah -
■VT Vermont -
■VA Virginia - Ashley M. (pending)
■WA Washington -
■WV West Virginia -
■WI Wisconsin -
■WY Wyoming -

Lagniappe: hopefully I find people who have lived here:
■AS American Samoa
■DC District of Columbia
■GU Guam
■MP Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth
■PR Puerto Rico, Commonwealth
■VI the United States Virgin Island

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