Monday, February 18, 2013

Going to catch up on Monday Mingle's...

So I am a HUGE fan of  Her blog is fantastic... full of TONS of tips for running a successful business.  Every Monday, they do a "Monday Mingle", answering the same questions and linking up to each other.  I haven't participated yet.  but I want to.  :)  So, here I go... I'm going to start at the beginning of 2013 and answer some questions.  It might give you some insights on me, my life and my family.

So, the first question of 2013 was how did I get started in my business?  I had known about the products for many years, because my mom used to use them.  (LONG LONG time ago)  Anyway, I knew of the 2 big companies.  I had just started a job at a new place & started with a different company, hubby was in law school, and I had met a new friend, who happened to be my upline for the new company.  I told her that I wanted to try "that Mary Kay" product (thinking it was AVON - I had just seen an AVON book in the lunch room at work).  Anyway, she hosted a party, because she had just met someone at the law school who was a consultant.  So I went.  I was late... horrible, because I am a military spouse, and I was going to a military member/spouse's house.  (both she and her hubby are active duty)  Anyway, I arrived, and had told myself that I wasn't going to spend too much money.  I met my now friend, Jen... and was amazed by her.  I didn't know what she had, but I knew I wanted it.  I wanted to be like her.  Crazy, I know... because I was a grown woman wanting to be like someone.  :)  Anyway, I bought the products.  The consultant did everything right.  She sold me the products, asked me to host.  I didn't host a party.  I didn't know enough people, because we had just moved to Virginia.

So, I used the products faithfully and found that I ran out of my cleanser in the first month!  CRAZY, because the products were supposed to last me at least 3 months.  So I called her, she came to my house, sold me more products, and told me about the company.  I didn't want to start with the company, because I was with a totally different company and I wanted to give that company a chance.  She then asked me to come to one of her meetings, just to "get ideas for the other company".  I went... thought that the women were on drugs, or something.  No one could be that happy all the time or get along with everyone all the time.  (I was in a sorority in college... and although I loved my sisters, I didn't love all of them or love all of them all of the time!) But the meeting got me excited about the products.  I wanted to go out and share them with EVERYONE!  BUT, what would my hubby think?  I had just started with this other company. 

So, hubby and I were at a Carbon Leaf concert (which if you haven't heard them, you NEED to Google them...  They are AWESOME!), and I told him there.  I was scared out of my mind to tell him.  But he agreed... the Mary Kay products would be easier to market than the scrap booking products I was currently trying to sell.  (And this other company is a GREAT company, with great products... and I know several people who have done great things with them... it just wasn't for me.)

So I went back to the meeting the next week, sign my agreement and the rest is history.  April 16 will be my 11th year anniversary!  WOW!  Crazy to say that.

The lessons I have learned are amazing... ones that I couldn't get anywhere else.  I will have to dedicate several posts to all the lessons I've learned through out the years.  But if you like a product, you might want to consider joining that company.  Why not get a discount and earn some extra money or even earn enough money to quit your job or contribute to your family.

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