Thursday, March 7, 2013

I know... I know...

You've heard it from me before...  Life exploded.  But I will be honest with you all that are reading, which I hope you are!  I got a full-time temporary job, but on my way to work (which is about a 45 minute to hour commute) I got told that the assignment was over.  Really?!?  You could have called me last night or even a little earlier.  I was more than half way to work this morning.  ARGH!  All because of one person, who really had no reason, telling some things that I said to my now former boss.  She was moving on to another job within in the company... Why would she care what I had said or responded to what she had said!  Seriously, who does that?!?  WEEEELLLLL, apparently that girl.

Anyway, today's post isn't about her.  I am washing my hands of her.  She really isn't worth my thoughts or time. 

So, I've been doing a lot of soul searching on what I want to focus on...  whether it be family/home life, business life, work life, and even exercise/health wise.  Today, I'm going to focus on health/exercise.  I am at a loss.  I know what to do, as far as eating healthily, and exercising, but I've had no motivation.  I haven't seen an progress, which makes it hard to continue.  I know I know... It takes time to see results, but I am just having a moment with my weight.  So... from today forward, I plan to make "me" time to exercise and I promise to eat healthily for the most part.  Heck, everyone deserves a little "cheat" every now and then.

Also, with this, I am hoping that my family will get healthy again.  My kids have been sick all winter, it seems.  My son, who is 10 months, got tubes a week ago, because of all the ear infections he's had.  And since then, he's been loosing his voice.  My daughter has had cold and cough, one after the other.  It is killing me.  I just want happy and healthy kids, as well as my hubby and I being happy and healthy.

So what are you doing to keep healthy and to loose this weight once and for all.

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